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10 Reasons Exercise is a Smart Stress Reliever

10 Reasons why exercise is a smart stress reliever It relives stress and is healthy at the same time It’s not a misdemeanor unlike punching someone If you have to punch something why not hit up kickboxing, also legal Exercise aids in unplugging from your phone and connecting with nature It can be a social… Continue reading 10 Reasons Exercise is a Smart Stress Reliever

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Running Faster When People Are Watching

We all do it, when no one is around we are comfortable to do whatever we want.  Spit on the side of the trail, fix that terrible wedgie, walk when we are “supposed” to be running. There is a correlation between another person being within eyesight and running faster, or running at all.  We all… Continue reading Running Faster When People Are Watching

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Crying With Laughter and Doctors

Today could of been completely embarrassing, but because of laughter today was hilarious. I have an appointment with a GI doctor and my son had to come with me. I was worried about bringing him because he hasn’t been feeling well so he has been in a grumpy mood. I strapped him to the strolled… Continue reading Crying With Laughter and Doctors