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How to Workout in 100 Degree Weather

How to Workout

How to workout in 100 degree and above weather….. don’t.

I have done it, there was a time when that thermometer didn’t bother me even if it was that hot outside. You have to be prepared for that type of heat, you need a lot of water available, or haul it yourself, or you have been drinking lots of water throughout the day in preparation. You need cool breathable clothes, possibly sunscreen, and being prepared for your clothes to be drenched with sweat, and a body-glide stick to prevent chaffing from the sweaty clothes.  Its possible, but you have to be aware of your body and when the heat is to much.

One summer I ran during the day through 100 degree day quite a bit. One run I accidentally left my keys in the car, I didn’t realize it though until after my 7 mile run. I came back (dehydrated) to my car and saw my keys laying on the floor.  I knew I couldn’t wait in the sun for to long while waiting for help.  I was able to call the local police station and a policeman came out to assist me.  He shockingly said, “this is a pretty hot day and you have been out here for a while!” He was probably happy to help me get into my car than taking me to the hospital.

As for working out when its 100 degrees outside, there are options. You don’t have to throw your fitness goals down the drain.

  1. Early morning- In areas where it is cooler in the morning that 5 am run can be appealing.  You get to see the sunrise, no ones out, the world is silent, there is something peaceful about 5 am.
  2. The mountains- I have fairly easy access to mountains and canyons where I live so I can easily go up to a higher elevation and enjoy a cooler temperature.  By myself, I can hike or go trail running. But with a child, this is more difficult unless you anticipate a very slow hike.
  3. Inside- The gym or at home are what I use the most, I can get in my workout without having to pack up my house in supplies and enjoy the nice 72 degree weather inside.
  4. Pool workout- I LOVE SWIMMING, its really hard for me to be outside in normal clothes in 100 degrees, I despise sweating non stop in my normal clothes.  But I can really enjoy a 100 degree day in a pool. So jump in that pool and swim some laps for your workout.



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