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30 Days of Swimming

30 Days of Swimming

For the last 30 days my goal was to swim laps as my primary workout. To help ease my back pain, to get faster and better at swimming, to get some cardio, and enjoy the water. I am also training for a triathlon (I’m doing it with a partner, so I am swimming and running) So far I can’t say I’m sick of it, I seem to be getting more effective and faster at it every time I go. I usually swim at least a mile, and since I have been getting faster I go over 2000 meters now.

For the first time probably ever I was water logged and tired of the water.  I think I was more tired of the hot sun with the combo of the water, AC sounded amazing.  I had yesterday off and stayed inside most of the day and didn’t get into water except a shower.  And then I was totally fine to jump into the pool today to swim some laps.

I really enjoy the water, ok I love the water, I love swimming in it, I love playing in it and my son shares the same love with me.  The part that isn’t my favorite is wet hair, but I have found a couple hairstyles that can work easily with wet hair.  A braid, a bun, a ponytail with a hat, or all three with a hat.

I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the last month with my swimming, I can say I am much much faster.  I don’t have to stop as much, and when there are other people around swimming its highly motivating to swim faster than them!  The best part is my back pain has decreased quite a bit.  So I am hoping all the swimming is allowing my back to heal, and I still get to workout.

I think I am going to keep up the swimming as the majority of my workouts but maybe add in a few weight training exercises back in now that my back pain has decreased!


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