Fairs, Boats, and Parades


Summer has begun, and we have enjoyed lots of summer fun! This past week our city had a summer fair with booths of all types of food, rides, and some entertainment.  We went to the family night on Thursday and relived the summer fun I had as a child.  As a child the fair rides were EPIC! I liked to go on the biggest, scariest ones and scream the whole time.  Now as an adult I notice a few more things, like maybe the duct tape and ropes holding the ride together, or the faded paint, and wonder how safe these rides are.  Well that adds a whole new aspect to the biggest, scariest rides when you notice they are held together by DUCT TAPE! Its fun to try different types of food at the fair, I was able to try a pupusas, and it was absolutely delicious.

We have been boating a few times already this summer, but its always a blast.  Even to just ride on the boat is fun.  My son isn’t quite sure he likes riding on the tube but he is warming up to it.  Boating is the same as an adult as I remember it as a kid.  One of my favorite parts about it as a kid as to have the wind blowing through my hair and the waves pushing the boat up and down, it was relaxing and still is.

We took my son to his first parade.  He really liked it, and I was reminded why parades aren’t my favorite; But the things we do for our kids.  It was fun to see him so excited to see the fire engines, and the people dancing, and racing for the candy they threw.  I was reminded about there isn’t really a parade etiquette, people will just stand in front of you if your sitting and block your view.   I was glad to have a chair, totally worth the effort carrying them to the parade.

Overall this week has been full of amazing memories of a perfect summer.


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