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Unintentional Rest Day


After cleaning up my sons throw up a couple times today we are having a unintentional rest day.  My son needs to sleep, and my body needs a break from the daily grind, other than clean up I guess.

We have been ultra-active the past few weeks since summer started. Usually a workout a day plus doing the normal activities and then maybe a stop at the pool for a few hours. Its amazing how a few hours in the sun can feel so great but also leave you feeling exhausted if its to warm. I’ve been wanting to maximize the season and spend a lot of time in the pool, outside, and show my son all the fun things about summer.

Everyone needs a rest day to prevent burn-out. Rest days they can include some foam rolling, stretching, Epsom salt baths to get the bang for the buck.  Its a perfect day for some yoga, and drinking lots of water! Reading a book would be a super nice addition to a relaxing day, give my body a break but workout my mind.

Lately I have been enjoying cucumber slices in my water, it seems to have a fresh taste. I stick it in the fridge and enjoy really cold water with it. Its gotten me to drink more water lately because I think it tastes good.  I wouldn’t mind adding some mint in there too!

Now hopefully the flu will end soon so we don’t have to many unintentional rest days.


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