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Sandy Sprint Triathlon


This weekend I did my first sprint triathlon.  My first ever triathlon was a Olympic, so the sprint really wasn’t all that scary.  I didn’t feel nervous but the night before I couldn’t sleep all night. I don’t think I slept at all, it was so hot, snoring, noises, lights on and off, it just wasn’t happening.  And then the alarm went off, but I was already awake.

We got to the race to set up our transitions, this time I brought a helium balloon so I could find my stuff quickly. I set my stuff up, and tied the balloon onto the pole. Really that balloon worked like a champ, I found my stuff without a problem!  I put on the wetsuit, mine wasn’t made from rubber so I was hoping it would be easier for me to swim using my arms unlike the rubber ones I had tried on.  ( trying on wetsuits is a workout in itself.)  I got into the water and try to get used to it with my sister in law, the water actually wasn’t that freezing cold.  We had gotten in the water the day before and it was freezing cold.  Good thing the weather decided to warm up a bit from the day before, although I wouldn’t say it was warm at 6 am.

The swim started, I started in the back because I didn’t want to be kicked in the face, the swim wasn’t my favorite part of the race to be honest.  I had wet-suit malfunctions, the little hairs that didn’t get tucked in my swim cap kept getting stuck on the Velcro of the wet-suit.  Every time I moved my right arm for a stroke those hairs got pulled. I saw on my back a bit while this was happening.   I unstuck them a few times, and finally I opened up the Velcro and unzipped it a bit.  The water was fairly cold on my head, usually when my head gets to cold I get a bit dizzy, near the end I was a bit dizzy.  When I got out the water and was running up the sand the world was spinning a bit.

I got to the bike transition and didn’t have any problems, I hopped on my bike and got going! I enjoyed the bike quite a bit. There was a little hill for some reason I thought was the big hill.  I thought,  “huh, that hill wasn’t all that bad, and how to the turn around point.”  Well turns out that wasn’t the big hill, I knew when I got to the big hill.  I saw a row of people going up super slowly all in row.  I laughed to myself because everyone looked like ants going up this big hill all in a row.  There were a few people walking their bikes up the hill, but it was my goal to not stop.  I didn’t stop! On the way down the hill there was a snake, that was clean cut down the middle with what looked like a road bike tire.  I was super glad the snake wasn’t alive, because it looked like a huge rattle snake.

I didn’t have any problems with the transition at all to get to the run, that balloon was perfect for spotting my stuff.  My main goal with the run was to walk when my back started hurting, I was surprised my back didn’t start hurting until the start of mile three. I had anticipated maybe walking the whole thing. I was glad to run the first two miles, because it started getting hotter, and some four wheelers were driving by and spraying sand.

Over all I was pretty happy with how I did! And also glad I was able to do the whole thing without injury!



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