Epsom Salt Baths are Bomb

Epsom Salt BathsI love Epsom salt baths. Epsom salt baths really are bomb.  When the opportunity arises to take a bath, you take it.  Baths are something great, but when you had Epsom salt to them they are even better.  I buy Epsom salt bags from a grocery store and I usually get ones with menthol, or some sort of relaxation for muscles. I have tried a lavender smelling one, I’m pretty sure I smelled like lavender for like a week so that wasn’t my favorite.  Last year I had hurt a muscle in my back I came home from the gym and went straight to a Epsom salt bath.  It was pretty crazy how I felt the menthol going straight to the injured area, it felt like I had rubbed icy hot on that area even though I hadn’t.  That bath really loosen up my tweaked back and helped it to relax.  After that moment I was sold on Epsom salt baths.

There are supposed to be a lot of benefits from the epsom salts, with the magnesium in them.  I have seen some decrease in water retention with a epsom salt bath, relaxing muscles, and also they seem to totally drain my body of energy so if I take one before bedtime I can usually fall into bed and go to sleep pretty fast.  I’m sure there are other benefits I haven’t noticed but those three are good enough for me.


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