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How to Prevent Boredom Eating

How to Stop Boredom Eating

You have had a long day, and finally your kids are down for a nap, and finally you get a moment to yourself. There is always plenty of things I could be doing, but sometimes I do need a breather to myself to sit for a moment.

Right then, you think, “Hmmm, I wonder whats in the fridge.”

You head over to the fridge and open it and don’t see anything appealing, or maybe there is something appealing in there. Leftover pizza, leftover dinner, snacks, any sort of quick grab and go food. And soon your calorie goals are out the door.  There are lots of way to help conquer boredom eating, what it comes down to is a mental thing.  You can find something else to replace the boredom eating, you can choose to do something else, you can battle those thought out in your head, or you can use prevention.

Before heading straight to the fridge you can

  1. Drink a glass of water-  maybe your supposed hunger really is thirst, if your not hungry at all.  A extra glass of water in your diet isn’t a bad thing at all.  Currently I’ve been enjoying cucumber in my water in the fridge, so I’ll grab that before anything else.
  2. Brush your teeth-  Imagine eating a oreo right after brushing your teeth, terrible combo right.  Brushing your teeth prevents some of that boredom eating solely because of the taste. Similar to pavlovs dogs, right.
  3. Clean out the fridge and cupboards–  Clean out your fridge and cupboards of quick grab and go unhealthy items, and replace them for more time consuming ones, or fruits or veggies.  If you have to make pizza from scratch, how much less likely are you give into your pizza craving. Remember the kid that asks Mom for a cookie before dinner, she says,  “no cookie, but you can have a carrot.” Suddenly that kid isn’t hungry anymore.  Sounds a lot like selective hearing, more like selecting eating.
  4. Do something else–  Read a book, go on a walk, clean up a room, work on a project, I’m sure there is a huge to-do list somewhere, pick some items from it and do them.
  5. Evaluate– Think about it before even going towards the fridge, am I hungry, do I need something, or am I just bored.  Do I really need a soda, or a cheesestick.

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