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Running Faster When People Are Watching

Run Like There's a Hot Guy in Front of You and a Creepy Guy Behind You

We all do it, when no one is around we are comfortable to do whatever we want.  Spit on the side of the trail, fix that terrible wedgie, walk when we are “supposed” to be running.

There is a correlation between another person being within eyesight and running faster, or running at all.  We all do it, when no one is around walking seems so much more attractive, especially if the elements are getting at us.  But then we see another person on the trail, you have to be seen running, so you’ll run past them and sometimes even look behind to make sure they are out of eyesight before you walk again. Really it doesn’t have to be a guy or a girl for this motivation.

Last year I was running on the trail up the canyon and I had noticed there was a older lady walking behind me.  I kept looking back and saw her quite a bit behind me ( I like to stay aware of whats going on around me when I run.)  A mile later I looked around and suddenly she was right behind me, she spooked me a little bit.  I wasn’t worried about a older lady being creepy, she did say, ” You have the most beautiful legs!”  I’ll take that compliment any day!

On a few occasion I have been running outside either by myself or with a friend and someone creepy spooks us.  And we run FAST, book it, full out sprint, adrenaline kicks in and we don’t even notice that we are sprinting.  I have had this same effect when there was a rattle snake on the trail too.  There is also something equally as spooky if not scarier being out in the mountains at dark and hearing some bushes rattling, leaves moves, and some sort of animal sound (probably just a squirrel) to get that adrenaline to kick in FAST! My human anatomy class my teacher told us that in the dark our peripheral vision is not as effective, so when we hear something in the woods at night and we don’t see anything out of the corner of our eye, she said, “there probably is something there, you just can’t see it in the dark.”  Knowing this little fact, I think twice about the “animal noises” I hear when its dark on the trails in the woods.


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