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Don’t Let Back-Pain Eat Away Your Goals

Back PainFight it like a girl“No bending, no twisting, no load bearing, good luck.”  My back doctor told me before I left my appointment.  I had waited two weeks before going into my back doctor this time, I wasn’t sure if he could really help it turned out he helped me a lot this time with my back flare up.   I’m not sure how my back pain started exactly, but I’ll be honest it can start getting a drink at the drinking fountain (which has happened to me) or sneezing (this has not happened yet).  My doctor told me it was a disc that had flared up but it we don’t think it has herniated yet.   Meaning I have to be pretty careful or  my back problem could get so much worse pretty quickly.  The doctor gave me a oral steroid that improved things quite a bit!

Even though my back needs to heal I don’t have to push the pause button on my fitness goals and can keep on keeping on! I can most definitely stick with my nutritional goals during this time too.

I am a mom, with a very active toddler who I have to chase down all the time.  So I have to squat nearly every time I pick him up, which is slightly slower than I would like.  Its much slower picking up toys off the ground to walk over here squat and grab a toy, walk over there squat and grab a toy than just bend over and grab several toys.  I have had to learn to try to do things like pick my son out of bed, or bath time with good back form as possible.

There is the sitting thing too. The longer I sit the more painful it is to sit there.  So I’ve had to remedy that by standing every once in a while, or walking around.  During church I had to stand quite a bit this last Sunday to make it through.

As for working out, I am still able to do some type of working out.  The first week I walked a lot. My son has really enjoyed all the walks we have been going on and gets sad when he passes the river without walking by it.  This week I’ve been able to sit on a spin bike but not bike to intensely, I’ve been able to do the stair master. I’ve actually beat my time record on that.  I can now get past the point where my legs are burning and then keep on going.  There are some ladies at the gym that will do the stair master for a hour or two, I’m not quite to their level yet, but maybe soon!  Once the weather clears up and it stops raining I think I’ll add some hiking with my son.


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