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Toddler Tales: The TP

My toddler is hillarious as most are, he has lots of energy, lots of personality, and likes to be helpful.  Today he was exceptionally helpful when I was in a tight spot.  

Today I urgently had to run to the bathroom and as I sat down I notice the toilet paper roll was completely empty. That “oh no” feeling hit me.  The problem was the toilet paper was located in the other bathroom acrossed the house, all the blinds were open and we live on a busy street.  So I figured I would attempt asking my son for help before figuring anything else out. My two year old son was playing in the shower and I asked him to get me a paper towel ( which are out of his reach.)  My son surprised me, his thought process was brilliant. He went over to the diaper bag on the counter within his reach and pulled it off the counter and brought it to me.  He was brilliant because there are baby wipes inside the diaper bag.  My two year old sure saved me in a tight spot today! 


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