What I Foam Roll Daily

My Daily Foam Rolling Routine

The first time I heard about foam rolling was in a personal training class.  I don’t know of anyone in the class that had ever heard of it. That day was life altering.

I used to think, “I just have tight calves, its a part of life since stretching doesn’t loosen then up, they are just stuck.”

And let me tell you going up massive amounts of stairs everyday meant I had some seriously tight calves.  My calves were always on FIRE by the time I made it to the top of the 108 stairs I had to go up and down several times a day. Enter life changing class.

My teacher had us roll out  a couple areas, mostly legs. He had us roll out our calves which was excruciating and then the teacher had us roll out our IT bands, which was beyond excruciating for someone that ran 7 miles everyday.

One girl even proclaimed loudly, “This is worse than childbirth, and I have given birth to a child!”

All that pain was worth it because right after that class I walked up all 108 stairs with NO BURNING, and lose calves.  My legs felt new. Brand spankin new. After this I went to Walmart and bought a foam roller. ( This was before I knew much about ordering really cheap foam rollers online, I mean it is a piece of foam it shouldn’t be 30-50 bucks.)

Even now a few days later I foam roll daily. My husband even gave me a new fancier foam roller for my birthday and I was thrilled.

What I Foam Roll Daily

  1. My whole back-  I do this first usually, I have back pain and foam rolling helps loosen those muscles.
  2. Butt- Just try it, it will be painful but so amazing after.
  3. Hamstrings- Sometimes I need increased pressure with these and I pull out a tennis ball, but loosening my hamstrings helps keep my back happy
  4. Quads- So many exercises use your quads, and keeping your quads happy, keeps everything else happy.
  5. SI Joints- This is by the butt area, but by the hip bone, I do this one laying down on my back. I use two lacrosse balls one above the hip bone and one below.  I usually have one side that is tighter than the other or I have even knocked my SI joints out of place, nothing worked other than this tactic. It works like magic for me.
  6. The randoms, sometimes I do shoulders, neck, calves.

All of these foam rolling exercises usually take me about 10 minutes.


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