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Not Everything Goes Down the Drain


I was excited to get back to normal life after last weeks major once in a lifetime event of a baby being born on our sidewalk. Life has not quite gotten back to that normal point.  Yes normal can be boring, but it can be also less stressful knowing exactly when things are happening and what to expect.  But life typically isn’t normal. Our fitness and nutrition goals still can continue, because life always throws extra stresses our way, we have to learn to evolve. That learning process is whats difficult.

Today was not normal. Family pictures scheduled for the evening and I was searching through the storage  boxes of clothes for some skirts and maybe some pants (pants still not found)  What I found instead saved us from a major catastrophe. For that I am thankful.  I was in the basement and asked my husband to help me move something. I then opened the cold storage store and a rancid stench poured into the room. I entered the room to inspect and found some water on the ground along with some boxes that got wet that I figured I’d hold onto in case I needed to return something. Most of our storage I had put on shelves above the ground level. On the ground was also brown balls, and disgusting looking mess. I went to the other side stepping over the mess in  my flip flops. Well my husband then got an idea and ran upstairs and flushed a toilet.  To my surprise water started bubbling up from the drain. Disgusting brown and other colored water, bubble to the brim of my flip flops.

I yelled, “Stop, Stop!!”

My husband yelled back, “I can’t do anything, the toilet has to finish flushing.”

I didn’t move until the water slowly drained away from my flip flops.  We then cleared out the rest of the stuff that could possible get wet.  Unfortunately the Christmas tree box looks like it got wet, I am not so keen on the idea of sewer water soaked Christmas tree.  I don’t feel like the fresh pine smell would fill the room.

Currently my amazing husband is using his manly fix it skills to attempt to fix the problem. Somehow he has these inherit skills to try something out he doesn’t have lots of experience with and keep on trying.  I figure these skills he learned from helping his dad out working on this or that. Its amazing how much influence a father has by spending time with his kids.



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