The Sidewalk Baby


The weekend actually started out normal, it was a chill at home type weekend.  Friday evening was a stay inside and watch a movie kind of night. Saturday was anything but chill to best describe it.

But Saturday was anything but normal.   I got up and worked out in the morning and came home, we made breakfast and then were waiting a little bit before going swimming.  We sat on the couch and I heard a baby cry, it was different sounding almost like a bird screeching. My husband heard it to. We then heard a knock on the door and the doorbell.  I went to the door and opened it and to my dismay saw the most shocking scene I have ever seen standing in my doorway.  There was a woman standing there holding a baby that was just born, the baby was naked and covered in goop.  The umbilical cord was still connected. A man was standing behind her looking stunned.

The lady yelled at me, ” the baby, take the baby.”

I yelled to my husband to call 911.  The man standing behind her pulled out his phone and called 911. My husband was dressed and came to the door and we pulled the lady inside.  We took the baby and saw the cord still wrapped around the babies neck. My husband unwrapped the cord causing the woman a lot of pain but I told her we had to do it and it was almost done.  Then I went and grabbed towels and we layed her on the ground also causing her to groan with pain.  Our floor is tile but it was better than the cold snowed on cement outside.   Since the umbilical cord was still connected to the placenta she had not delivered yet my husband had to go down to the floor also holding the baby.  The baby was crying but was turning blue, she was breathing though.  I called my sister in law who is a nurse and she said to get a shoe lace and a  bulb to suck stuff from the throat. The other man grabbed more towels. I started putting the pant waist strap around the cord but was reluctant to tighten it. The guy on the phone with 911 was telling us what the dispatcher was saying to do with the baby. So keep her low to the ground for blood flow with the cord.  The cops showed up and they said the paramedics will do the cord. Thank goodness. They told my husband to keep on holding the baby.

The day before I had gotten new chair cushions for our kitchen. We set the old ones against the counter and hadn’t thrown them away yet. The man on the phone with 911 grabbed them and used them as pillows.  The paramedics used two clamps and cut the cord and then took the baby to the hospital.

The man that was with the woman with the baby. He told me he was driving and heard her screaming for help so he pulled over and saw the baby. He took her to the closest house which was ours.  Later we found a larger pool of blood by the mailboxes on the sidewalk so we think she actually delivered outside on the sidewalk standing.  The man took off since the paramedics were there and left his phone number. I figured he was on his way somewhere when he came acrossed the scene and had to get going.

At this point we had four police cars, fire engines, and ambulances in front of our house. The neighbors starting getting worried and some called or came over to see what was going on.

The paramedics checked the woman’s bleeding but it was just a clot and they hoisted her up using a sheet and loaded her into the ambulance and took her the hospital.  The firemen came back later and told us mom and baby were both fine.

The cops were last at the scene and were nice enough to clean up the majority of the mess.  They also called her friend that the woman asked us to call.

After all this we decided to attempt to have a normal day. We decided to go swimming like we had originally planned but some kids pooped in both the pools and they shut them down while we were there.  We then decided we had enough of bodily fluids for the day and went home.



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