Birthday Boy! 

cupcakes-690040This past weekend was my sons birthday. He didn’t really know what that all meant since he was turning two. But I think he sure had a wonderful time. I know I did.  I really adored his face when everyone was singing him happy birthday and he was sitting by the worlds coolest tractor birthday cake and his grin on his face was priceless.  We had his birthday party on Friday evening. We ended up having almost everyone there family wise, my parents were able to make it down from Idaho and my sister, husband and baby. Chandlers siblings and family were mostly all there. We decided to go to a jump type gym place. Which turned out to be the perfect choice because everyone from toddlers to adults could have fun and play with everything and their kids. My mom made these beautiful cupcakes that looked so delicious. And the cake she made for seaborn was so cool, it had three layers and tractors on it with Reece’s spread out like “dirt.” My son was very excited about all the car/ tractor gifts he got and started playing with them instantly.  It was a birthday to remember.


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