New Year, Same Diet

sparkler-677774Everyone’s making their New Years goals, I started my diet New Years goal in September. So I just plan on continuing it, I’ve been doing gluten free eating for a while so I may as well continue with it. Now that I’ve come to the conclusion there are a lot of foods you can eat without gluten, I’ve just had to be a bit more creative.  Like tonight, we had spaghetti squash with chicken, a creamy garlic sauce, spinach, and bacon.  I’ve also come to like rice, before I never cooked with it, I had the same box of rice for years and ended up using it for hand warmers.  Now, it seems I’ve been converted to rice, also quinoa.  I hadn’t ever tried it until this year. Surprisingly my son really likes it plain. I am curious how a quinoa breakfast tastes.  I’ve also experimented with Brazilian cheese rolls, I haven’t perfected the recipe yet.  As for

Fitness goals, my goals haven’t changed either, I may play around with how I get there, but still the same goals.

Mom goals, I’ve got some ideas for those but nothing set into stone.


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