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Ugly Sweaters and Family Fun

fashion-1283863This weekend has been the weekend of Christmas parties and get togethers.  It’s been fun to see people and have some fun.  A few weeks ago we went with my husbands cousin and wife to purchase ugly sweaters.  The idea was we could pick out their ugly sweaters and they would pick out our ugly sweaters from a local thrift store.  We found so many ugly sweaters at the thrift store it was difficult to pick just one, most of our sweaters were paired with vests.  My husband and my sweaters ended up matching, they were horrible fleece turtle necks with wood themes printed on the front, mine was paired with a vest.  The vest literally looked like it was taken from a grandmas couch fabric and turned into a vest, it was a hideous floral that matched perfectly with the turtle neck.  My husband enjoyed wearing the turtle neck and vest to his work Christmas parties.  Now the other couple we went with, their sweaters won the best ugly sweaters competition.  We found this really lovely peace for my husbands cousin.  It was a Halloween type sweat shirt that said, ” I’m with creepy”, with a Skelton hand pointing to the side, also paired with a pink crocheted pink vest.  What better way to make an impression at family parties than wearing these sweaters. These ugly sweaters were perfect for the family pictures they took.


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