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College Class Confession

our-actions-and-decisions-today-will-shape-the-way-we-will-be-living-in-the-futureMy mom has a set of skills, when she using them it blows my mind.  She can take any set of classes you need to take and somehow make a schedule along with fitting in twenty hours of work in there. She is a magician, somehow she was able to help me set up class schedules. One semester I needed a .5 credit class and there was one spot left my mom grabbed it. Which I was grateful because that put me at full time, exactly what I needed to keep my job.  Well that .5 credit class happened to be Brazilian ju jit su.

I’ll be honest Brazilian ju jit su was not my favorite class. The outfit we had to wear was so ugly, that I wasn’t sad at all when someone stole it out of my locker mid semester.  I don’t know why someone would steal it, it’s ugly.  I had to learn how to roll on the ground.  And then moved to take someone from standing to the ground, and then fight people.  And since there were only three girls in the class who were a foot shorter than me we were not evenly paired off.  I usually had to “fight” girls that were so short it looked ridiculous.  You can see this not being the ideal situation.  A few times I had to fight guys which is incredibly awkward on all occasions.  If I win, it’s humiliating for the guy, if I lose, big whoop he beat a girl.  So I would half way try, thanks to one guy who didn’t understand these rules, I now have a crick in my neck.

The morale of the story is, you don’t know if you like it or don’t like it till you try it.  Now I know Brazilian ju jit su is not my thing.


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