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Peanut Butter Cookies and Swimming

peanut-butter-350099First of all peanut butter cookies and swimming do not go together. But they can happen in the same day, just not the same time. I have been trying the gluten free diet for over two months now and attempted one gluten free bread which was ok. So my next attempt at making anything gluten free baking wise was something flourless. I tried making a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe I found on pinterest. They turned out delicious and taste just like the ones with flour. No complaints about no flour or actual butter. This happened today.  As for swimming that happened last night, my son absolutely loves swimming.  My husband and I will go and take turns swimming laps and playing with our son. It’s been a few months since I’ve swam laps, apparently I’m out of practice. But as for my son he started jumping off the edge of the pool! There was a little girl next to him who sat on the edge and I saw my son scooting closer to her and then she jumped off the edge. I watched him suddenly copy her! I had tried to get him to do it before, all it took was a girl his own age to copy.


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