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Jump for Joy

those-who-dont-jump-will-never-learn-to-flyYesterday was amazing, my son and I met up with my cousin and her son and some friends at a jumping type gym. It was amazing, perfect for kids of most ages. But especially perfect for my sons age. Secretly though, I had fun too, shhhhhh.  My son jump on a trampoline, played with tons of balloons blowing around, went down a huge blow up slide and more.  He really loved riding the “horsies” on the carousal, he laughed and laughed.

When we got there I saw the big slide and thought,

“We have to go down that!”

So I started going up the ladder on the huge blow up slide. My son realized then he was scared and kept whimpering so I had to hold him in one arm and climb the ladder with my feet sideway and pull us up with one arm.  As soon as we got to the top my son thought it was pretty cool.  It was a big enough slide to get that same feeling you get on rollar coasters.  Which is my favorite part of rollar coasters.  The next time we went to the slide my sons friends went right up the ladder themselves and so did my son. Suddenly he wasn’t afraid and did the whole thing by himself!

I took my son through the obstacle course, which was kinda tough because I had to carry my son through some of it.  He really did not like the part where you have to squeeze through.  But we did it, and he got to down another big slide!

There was a slack line at the gym I’ve seen people do it but have never tried it myself, it always look difficult.  I was able to try it and I was surprised that I wasn’t to bad at it! I can’t wait to try it again.

All of us enjoyed a different way to be active during the cold winter season, it was nice to do something active that wasn’t a organized exercise. We will be going there again!


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