Childhood is Magical

tricycle-691587Childhood is a magical thing.  Everything is new, wonderful and exciting. You could do the same thing several times and never get bored. Simple things combined with imagination are brilliant.  My son has been learning the names of animals and I am surprised at how many he remembers. To go along with all those animals he has been learning about I wanted to take him to a museum he has been to quite a few times already.  But every time he goes it gets more and more exciting because he remembers the animals in the museum and what they look like. He was so excited to actually see the giraffe and the zebras in full size. I love taking him there to see his reactions of how excited he gets and to teach him new animals.  Learning is magical.

I’ve enjoyed showing him new things that I remember being fun.  I showed him running through the leaves in the falls is fun and how they crunch under our feet, and how amazing it is to jump into a pile of leaves! He has learned he loves running down grassy hills, he started learning to roll down the hills too!

This attitude of everything being new and exciting and there’s lots of learn, we can probabaly take of few of those tips into adulthood. To never stop learning and enjoy it, then maybe adulthood could be more magical instead of “adulting.”


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