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Black Charcoal and Piano Music

Sunday morning I decided to try a black charcoal face mask I was given. That stuff feels wonderful actually, it sounds a bit harsh, but after using it my face felt like silk. I rubbed it on my face and it gave it a bit of a different color.  My son then saw me in the bathroom and couldn’t stop staring at my face.  He tried poking it, he knew something was different. His fasical expression of concern and soaking it in was hilarious. Normally he has food all over his face from eating so I guess he isn’t used to seeing stuff all over my face.  I am super excited to use the avacado face mask and see my sons reaction. 

Later that same Sunday ( after I had removed the face mask) I had the opportunity to play a piano song during church.  It’s been a while since I’ve played a song in front of a group like that. I got used to playing the piano in front of an assisted living, but the most we had was 30 or so people.  This time there were hundreds.  I also didn’t know how the piano up there would sound, I had wanted to play on it before but didn’t have the opportunity. But I went up to the front of church and sat down on the piano, I only had to adjust the bench and started playing. I rearranged my own version of sweet hour of prayer, I’ve played that song for several different events but every time it sounds a little bit different. This time it worked well and I thought it sounded pretty good.  I had some people telling me it sounded lovely so I think it actually turned out good. 

Next time I should play in my black charcoal facemask. Probabaly only at home though. 


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