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Crying With Laughter and Doctors

Today could of been completely embarrassing, but because of laughter today was hilarious. I have an appointment with a GI doctor and my son had to come with me. I was worried about bringing him because he hasn’t been feeling well so he has been in a grumpy mood.

I strapped him to the strolled and wheeled him in the prepped with popcorn. I didn’t wait very long for the doctor to come in but by the time she did my son was grumpy again.  She thought he was cute ( which means she wasn’t annoyed he was with me) She asked me if I had seen any benefits from following the diet I have been sticking to the last eight weeks.  I told her I was experiencing less of some symptoms and the same of others.  Right after stating this the small room was filled with the sound of an explosion. Not a explosion with dynamite but no explosion sound a mother wants to hear ever. It was huge, loud, and accompanied with diarrhea.  Here is the thing, right at the very moment I heard the explosion the Doctor uncrossed her legs.  I stared at her with shock since at first I thought the sound came from her.

I thought, “there is no way you can just ignore that… it was so terrifying loud.”

She then said, “wow that was a loud noise to come from that little guy.” At that moment I realized that horrific sound and now scent was coming from my son, standing in between us. The doctor and I both started laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Until the point of tears falling down my cheeks.

My son just stared at her with an expression that said, “what, so.”

I asked if she would mind if I changed his diaper, she said, “no problem, I mean that sounded wet.” She also stated, ” wow he is at the perfect place for GI distress.”

She tried to continue on a more serious note to ask questions but kept bursting into laughter.  This is something I have a hard time not doing also, I have a hard time moving on and not laughing when something is really funny. Which I also found to be funny, and thus continuing the tears of laughter.

She said to my son, “you have been my favorite patient all week, and you have made my week.”



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