Sick Day

This weekend was full of taking care of a sick kid.  Which meant we were all stuck inside at home. We got our Netflix binge on and watched a few movies.  I’ve discovered now why it is nicer to have a sick kid that’s knows how to throw up in a toilet or bowl.  We spent most of Saturday cleaning up. We were lucky enough to have a carpet cleaner nearby so we could clean it right then and there, and the couch.  Poor kid, you know he is sick when the kid that constantly moves around all day lays on the floor all day instead. There isn’t much I can do other than give him Tylenol, Gatorade, and wait it out. The one positive about kids being sick is they cuddle with you, all day. I’ll never get sick of that. Today he is feeling better though luckily, not enough to eat normal food quite yet though.  I didn’t feel super well Sunday either so it was nice to have to day to relax the whole day.


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