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Intervals and Plugged Ears

Can I just say having plugged ears is the most frustrating thing, you wouldn’t know having a harder time hearing would be so annoying but it is. I had fluid in my right ear and it was driving me crazy it had been there for a few days and was giving me a headache. Well I pulled out google and tried a few tips.  Steam, didn’t work. Putting olive oil in my ear, I don’t know if it work but letting oil drip into your ear and hearing it move in there at the moment seems like a terrible idea to add more fluid. I tried hot water, didn’t help. But finally this morning it resolved and I am able to hear fully! Maybe the olive oil did the trick who knows.

Somehow I was able to run intervals on a treadmill with a yucky feeling head.  Thanks to mucinex it gave some relief. I haven’t been to much with intervals on a treadmill but I have been trying it out for two weeks and it makes a treadmill a whole lot more interesting.  I do not like running on a treadmill, it’s so boring and the problem is I can stop at any point.  Running outside I usually have to run back as far as I came.  With intervals treadmills are so much nicer. Especially with a movie going. I am hopefully speeding up my mile times too! A added benefit of treadmills.


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