Perfect Pitch Age

I have a love hate relationship with the mall.  I mostly go there for the play area and to walk around inside during the winter with my son. When I was a preteen the mall was the coolest. My friends and I would head straight to Claire’s to look at hair accessories and jewelry and I had a small mall budget, and the kiosk sales people left us alone.  Now days I am the perfect pitch age to have every kiosk try to sell me something. Sometimes I say no thanks, or keep walking and pretend I didn’t hear, or say I’m not interested. Usually I don’t let them even say their pitch because if I let every kiosk talk to me I’d never get out of there. Even in college I didn’t have to many kiosks trying to stop me except for green tea. But throw in a stroller and a toddler they all want to talk to me ( except the emoji pillow kiosk) I walked past a guy selling skincare products and kept on walking as he tried to yell something about does my skin this or that.    I wasn’t interested in hearing something not so nice about a blemish or stretch marks. ( worst sales pitch ever)  I’m going to have to bring my son without the stroller and see if I get attention from the kiosks when I am trying to chase my son down.  My favorite store is the furniture store, I figure most people actually interested in purchasing furniture have their spouse with them, so those sales people usually ignore me and I can actually look through the store as I please. The moral of the story is, I need to walk in the areas without kiosk, or dress like a teenager and then they may leave us alone.


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