Family, Football, and Pianos

american-football-1666276This past weekend was filled with family, football, and pianos.  My husband, son, and I went to my parents house this weekend. Part of the plan going up was to bring the piano my grandparents so gracious gave to me a few years back.  We live in a place that can fit a piano now so we will really enjoy it here! It was my Moms birthday this past weekend so all the kiddos came to celebrate and have a little party.

The piano moving when smoothly, we got piano movers to help out. No ones backs were hurt in the moving of the piano!

We had the opportunity to go to a tailgate party and a college football game.  Ive forgotten I like going to football games, it makes it so much more interactive. It was my sons first football game and he sure enjoyed it, he liked seeing all the people cheering and clapping. He especially enjoyed the popcorn and drink my mom bought him. Now I just have to convince my husband to go to a football game in our hometown, instead of watching it on TV.


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