Bedtime for Toddlers

Bedtime for toddlers is a battle. After bedtime our toddler goes to bed its my husband and I’s time to relax and do whatever we want to do.  This is a time we look forward to, we are excited to lay on the couch and relax, or go workout, read a book, watch a tv show, play some games, or whatever we want. I think my toddler recently has gotten wind that after he goes to bed we have a party. When I was a kid my parents told me after we went to bed they just read newspapers and its really boring and I wouldn’t want to do any of that. Like me my son now wants to join the adult party, I mean everyone wants to be invited to a party right. He has discovered that my husband has popcorn on most nights, and now can find the popcorn bowl and bring it to us, say “popcorn” and then point to the microwave. Some nights we give him popcorn, which he sits right next to my husband with the bowl of popcorn on the couch and then gets the remote and says, “show.”  Now I don’t mind sharing popcorn, but we don’t necessarily want to watch the same “car” show that my toddler wants to watch. Thus begins the battle. On the adult side we use the tactics to let him run himself tired, we chase him around, or let him play usually involving running. We try to give him milk, and then usually attempt at least once to lay him in his bed. Sometimes this works, other times he will not have it.  At this point is the second round of tactics, running, reading books, relaxing on a chair or our lap, and then comes the laying him down in bed.  If this doesn’t work we usually give him and he stays up as late as us.  With one child the battle really isn’t very bad, there are two adults to one child, my son is outnumbered.  When there are more of us I’m sure the dynamics will change and we may not get any “adult time,” aka the party after kids go to bed.


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