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Barre’s and Candied Almonds

almonds-1571810Today was about trying something new and reliving something old.  I went to my first official barre workout class,the part that was old was the bar and the part that was new was a different way of working out with it.  It wasn’t like ballet barre that I was thinking but an entire class of toning using the barre. The class started out with five minutes of squats, anyones legs would get tired with five minutes of squats and end up with jello legs. It was enjoyable to get a taste of old memories with the ballet barre, and relieve pointing my feet and a good turnout.  I’m going to add this class to my weekly workouts, it’s a excellent leg day class.

My second favorite part of the day was the pumpkin pie almonds at Costco. I tried them last year and realized almonds will never be the same.  These almonds really taste like a mini round pumpkin pie with some crunch. I had to give in since it’s a one time a year type of treat, also it’s a lot less calories than a actual pumpkin pie. Really pumpkin anything makes my mouth water, but this combination of pumpkin, chocolate, and almonds couldn’t be better.


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