Family · Hiking


This last week my sister came to visit with her 3 month old son.  I had a blast, we had a lot of things we wanted to do and were able to get to some of them.  My sister saw a picture of the hot springs and wanted to go.  My lovely husband was nice enough to volunteer to watch our son and hers so it was even possible.  And off we went! We made it to the area and had a little bit of light, we had prepared and brought flashlights for when it was dark.  It got pretty dark, the moon wasn’t very bright and we really couldn’t see much without the flashlight.  We had been hiking for quite a while and I had estimated how many steps it would take on my fitbit.  We got to about 5,000 steps and we didn’t see the hot springs.  Thoughts started running through my head,

I really hope we didn’t pass it, we shouldn’t of passed it, it should be just around this corner, hopefully bears aren’t around.

We got to a area with glowstick’s which meant people were around.  We shined our flashlight to see if it was the right area and found a couple alone in the river, so we did not want to bother them and kept going on the trail.  Another couple came up behind us and we asked them if they could tell if that was the right area or not, but they didn’t know either.  We walked a couple more feet and found the springs!

We got into the water for a little bit but realized we were pretty tight on time and so we got out pretty fast and started heading back down.  We were running down the trail until I twisted my ankle.  So we started moving at a fast walking pace, we kept hearing rumbling in the grass and the leaves so we walked faster, and faster.  We made it back to the car and drove to make our way out the canyon.

We came to a big white van with huge bright lights on top stopped on the road,  the lights were so bright i couldn’t see anything for a little bit, which isn’t’ ideal for driving. My sister had taken this hunting class at BYU Idaho (I guess they have that type of thing there) where she learned that people aren’t supposed to be spotlighting animals at dark because it isn’t sportsmanlike and she called report a poacher line.  Good deed for us, probably not so ideal for the poachers.


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