Bottom of the Barrel

Sometimes people try to put you on the bottom of the barrel, they realize it sometimes and other times they don’t.  But they want you there regardless, in their mind your not important to them, or your feelings.  They have their own agenda and things that’s on their mind but they lose sight of others around them. Maybe it’s just me I try to be aware of others around me and I do notice when someone is crying in the room. And I want to help them, sometimes by telling someone else who can talk to them or by talking to them myself.  What do you do when someone puts you in the bottom of their barrel.  You can mention it to them that it’s hurtful, you can focus on other things, or revenge.  Revenge never works out, it’s not nice, it doesn’t make you the better person but sometimes it’s hard to not imagine it.  Usually I try to focus on other things unless it consumes me then I’ll very thoughtfully think of excellent ways to word a discussion.  There comes a time when something’s isn’t worth even a thought of wasting time thinking about it. And it that point I need goals. Things I can work on about myself to try to become a better person, or things I enjoy. I enjoy reading on occasion, I don’t get to do it often but getting sucked into a book does take your mind off things way better than TV. Moral of the story try to get your mind off of things and forget about it. Making people feel that way on purpose or not isn’t worth another thought.


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