New Leaf

Fall is in the air with leaves changing colors. This season I get to turn over a new leaf, and start a new job working at home enabling me to spend a lot more time with my son. There are going to be some adjustments, I am very positive about all the adjustments though.  I’ll be able to cook home cooked meals a whole lot easier. Instead of getting home and saying,   “What can I cook that isn’t terrible for you and can be made in the shortest amount of time.”  That really is hard,  the easiest things are frozen, and they aren’t always good for you.  Luckily we have had a pressure cooker and that speeds some things up.  I’ll be able to dump something in the crockpot and let it go.  Crockpots are wonderful because the time you spend in the kitchen is so much less.  And then there is exercising, there so much more time available to do it.  I can do it outside during the daytime, because when it’s fall 5 pm can be dark outside once daylight savings hits.  It will be nice to see sunlight, I don’t enjoy driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. It’s good for us to see the sun, for me it’s necessary.

I am mostly excited to spend more time with my son.  I’ll be able to teach himand show him things I love, like snowballs, summer popcicles, the fall leaves.  I’m exited to teach him things like colors, numbers, and letters, and a lot more.  I want to bake cookies with him, everyone does it in commercials,  so it’s gotta be wonderful.



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