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First Trail Run of the Year

I was on the phone with my husband,

“can you pick me up, I am nowhere near my car.” “Ok, I’m on my way.”

This adventure started when I needed to get out in the mountains and see all the fall leaves changing and enjoy a workout.  So why not do both at the same time. I drove up the canyon to find the trail with the best fall colors. I did find it, the trail was beautiful, all sorts of different fall colors and some wonderful views showing the whole canyon.  Mid run I got a phone call I was waiting on so I took it and didn’t pay as much to my surroundings as I should of.  I reached the part of the trail where it flattens out to a road and continues on for a short while then turned around.  On my way back I notice a fork in the road that I didn’t remember.  If I took the road on the right it went towards my car, if I took the one on the left it went towards the moiuth of the canyon. So I choose the one heading towards my car.  And then I came across another fork and then a campground. I have never been in that area at all before, I found a dirt road and took it moving towards my car. At this point I called my husband and asked if the knew the trails and he didn’t.  I at least could see the road so I wasnt lost.

I finally made it to a gate and called my husband to pick me up. I ended up two miles further than I had planned just on.  Next time I need a buddy or my full attention on the way up!



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