This week I did something crazy. Something a few years ago I would of never thought to do or even wanted to do. But this last year I have wanted it so bad and the stars aligned. The stars don’t align to many times in a lifetime so I went for it and did it.  I got a breast reduction and got them chopped off, not all the way but some of the way. It’s going to affect everything. Running, lifting, standing, sitting, working, playing, carrying my son, and even driving. Literally everything. It’s going to so much improved, so much less back pain, neck pain and all over pain. Instantly my ribs and neck were in heaven with relief.  But with this comes recovery.  I have to recover. I have to take the time to give my body a break to get better and heal. Which means I can’t do somethings I normally do, like shower.  I need help to shower. My husband has helped me so it and even washed my hair. This is a whole new level of husband and wife, this service to me brings us closer together in way I can’t comprehend. It helps me to be humble and think that sometimes I need other people’s help. Soon I’ll recover and be able to help those people out that have helped me. My mom has spent ag lot of time watching my son and entertaining him. Which is a lot of work, and has cooked all this meat for us making meals simpler to make. I am grateful for all these wonderful people around me that have been so helpful and wonderful.  And I hope I will be able to pay them back with service in the future.


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