Why Don’t You Listen

All day long people don’t listen. I talk to patients, a lot of them. They don’t listen, some do, some don’t. Some don’t hear a word even though they are listening.  Some really aren’t listening.  I have to repeat myself a lot, the patient will ask the same question 10 times, or they say the same statement 10 times. Either way, a lot of repeating myself to a nonlistener. It’s annoying, I don’t like repeating myself at all. I have found in normal conversation now I repeat myself where I don’t need to at all. That is not a habit I want!  The solution to all of this, if you are a patient with a question, listen. If you are customer with a question, listen. I understand if you don’t feel heard if you are calling Comcast, they probably aren’t listening. But in a lot of professional situations, just listen! If you just want to vent to someone hire a therapist, not the poor person that has to listen to you vent.  Not being heard is the story of being a mom though, it is wonderful when you notice you have been heard.  My son has noticed I tell him “don’t do that” all the time, so it is currently his favorite phrase. He knows we don’t want him to do that, he will look and say “don’t do that” then usually  do it.  Well at least he heard what I was saying.  We just need the patients to learn the same lesson.


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