Sleeping Under the Stars

We went to a family reunion this weekend and camped ( kind of).  Technically there was a cabin, but sleeping on the floor isn’t always that nice in a room with people that may or may not snore, and sneaky doors.  So to avoid the nighttime noises we slept outside under the stars without a tent.  My husband and I used cots, and we had our son in a pack n play.  It felt wonderful outside, slightly cool, hundreds of bright stars above us, a stream nearby. A recording of all the night time noises would be wonderful for sleeping.  Then temperatures started dropping and getting cooler and cooler. I was concerned my son would be to cold so I put him in the cot with me. Cots aren’t large, I know know of a queen sized cot.  So I didn’t sleep much with him in bed with me but he was warm. Then I moved him to my husbands cot and I finally slept. He then rotated to my dads air mattress.  I guess we got to enjoy the stars because we were awake most of the night.  Hey, it was some relief from 80 degree nights, so there is that


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