Just keep swimming

Swimming laps is kind of amazing. It’s just you, the water, and your thoughts.  Sometimes I think about my form and how I need to put my arm here, put my legs here, relax this, tighten that. Or mostly excited about how many laps I have left. There is something of relaxing about moving through the water and the flow of things, it’s nice to not think about work, or stressful things, it’s just alone time.  But one of my favorite parts about going to swim laps is trading off with my husband and playing with my son at the pool.  My son loves the pool, a lot.  He finds new things he likes to do, currently he loves the slide, and jumping off the edge into the water.  I am happy he shares my love with the water and has a blast.  He is pretty young to learn how to swim but he has even learned to float on his back! I would like to teach him to swim though I need to learn how to teach him first.  But for now we will just keep going swimming.


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