Suppressed laughter is hillarious

Laughter really is excellent medicine.  Even better trying to refrain from laughter in a place your not supposed to laugh, makes things so much funnier.  Unfortunatly I didn’t get a workout as a stress release today because of some late nights and work, but I laughed. I laughed hard. My son probably thought that was strange behavior, I was laughing so hard I could hardly breath.

I think one of the funniest moments I can recall is being in a small college classroom and a student left to go to the bathroom.  That professor soon after told us we couldn’t use the bathroom during class ( probably because this was so funny)  that student came back into the classroom with a three foot piece of toilet paper trailing behind her and tucked into her pants.  She walked in while the professor was talking so to actually let her know about the three foot piece of toilet paper would call attention to everyone in the classroom.  So it turns out only half the class saw the toilet paper.  For about a half an hour later the suppressed laughter started to stop. And then someone would think about the toilet paper again and start snickering. This poor girl at the end of class stood up and saw to her dismay the toilet paper trail.  She had a horrified look on her face as she spotted the toilet paper still connected to her pants a hour later.


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