The Canyon

The canyon is my spot during the summer and most days in the other three season.  I used to have to get my break from everything and go for a run up the canyon. I’m not even sure if going on a run is a good enough get away from everything, it needs to be combined with going up the canyon.  I talked to a complete stranger who shared the same love of the canyon. Essentially it started out for her to get away from the 100 degree weather for a hour. I go up there for that same reason too.

There really is something about a parkway trail along side a river that you can’t get other places. It’s not that you actually swim in the river, it’s more of the view, the slightly cooler air, and the scent of water in the air. Occasionally I’ll see a snake, even a rattlesnake, or a lot of bugs but it doesn’t come close to putting a damper on going up the canyon.  Even for spending a evening at the park the best place to go is up the canyon.  I have been going up the canyon for years, the funny part is there are some people who have been going up there for years also, you recognize their faces but don’t necessarily know them.



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